Being a small brewery, we are always looking to diversify our beer offerings in the tap room.  We have our mainstay offerings that are usually on tap but we try to rotate our additional beers to provide variety.  Feel free to give us a call us to get the most updated menu for the week!



old town GERMAN lager

ABV 4.5%     IBU 36.5


An amber hybrid with a robust aroma of rich malt and restrained noble hops leads into a smooth medium body.  Well balanced, bitter yet malty & smooth, amber-colored German lager.




ABV 7.0%     IBU 35.4


Welcome to a dangerously smooth ride with the Midnight Conductor.  A deep rich malt aroma invites you into a cozy seat for a taste of chocolate interwoven with hints of dark fruit. 


Peak City Pilsner

ABV 5.22%   IBU 35.9

This is our interpretation of a traditional Bohemian Pilsner with a touch of personality.  A malty, biscuit note is supported by just the right amount of traditional German hops for a clean malt and hop finish.  Enjoy this traditional lager that will keep you coming back for more.


Southern Charm Ale

ABV 5.32%   IBU 19.0

A brilliant straw color and light in body, this ale has a style all its own.  German hops provide balance and a crisp finish to this well rounded ale.  Kick back, relax and enjoy the taste of this southern beauty.  


puffing devil india pale ale

ABV 6.07%   IBU 58.7

Named after the first steam powered locomotive, this powerful yet deceitfully smooth IPA showcases two new hop varieties introduced over eight precisely timed kettle additions.  Bold flavors delicately coalesce with a sweet and succulent light body making this devil in disguise undeniably sinful.


one mile round pale wheat

ABV 5.9%     IBU 21.5

A golden colored ale brewed with wheat, flaked oats, locally sourced honey and molasses, this outlawed German beer style was nearly forgotten in history.  Our Kottbusser stands apart from other wheat beers in that it is fermented with a clean ale yeast that allows the oats, wheat and honey to shine for a complex and crisp finish.


1912 Black Lager (ROTATIONAL)

ABV 4.38%   IBU 24.8


sinner like me belgian golden strong (ROTATIONAL)

ABV 8.3%   IBU 35.3


the family milk stout (ROTATIONAL)

ABV 5.0%     IBU 23.0


casey jones baltic porter (ROTATIONAL)

ABV 8.2%     IBU 47.2


hop the mic india pale ale (rotational)

ABV 6.6%     IBU 60.1


bitter bolts india pale lager (rotational)

ABV 4.8%     IBU 39.8


belgian farmhouse saison (rotational)

ABV 5.4%     IBU 34.9