About Us

The idea for Southern Peak Brewery was born on a back deck in Apex when two long time family friends and avid craft brewers decided to share their passion for beer.  A present and rapidly growing craft beer community had made its place in Raleigh and we were enjoying all the selection and variety that the area had to offer.  But while we were out and about sampling local brews and brewing beers of our own, we realized that we wanted to bring something a little bit different to our community.  Before prohibition towns and communities had their own brewery and tavern, but since then, local breweries have been confined to industrial spaces.  Our dream was to bring back the traditional neighborhood brewery.  Where friends got together, creative conversations thrived, problems were solved (well, sort of!) and local pints with variety and character were served.  We want to be a part of our community, where the person next to you is not a stranger but a neighbor and a friend.  This is who we are. 

We are your neighborhood brewers. 


Now to the beer!


Over the years, we always loved the scientific side of the brewing process.  Brewing different recipes and experimenting with a variety of ingredients, we continued working to improve and innovate a beer we hadn’t had before. We quickly realized that it wasn’t just brewing that we loved but that we thrived on the camaraderie we shared along with our ideas and we wanted to bring this to our community with our brewery.  We love the history that has shaped the Town of Apex into the amazing place it is today and we are looking forward to weaving Southern Peak's place into that history.  

We are proud to be a part of this community and excited to share our dream with you - our neighbors, families and friends.