(Please call for availability)

Beer isn't our only ferment!  We love fermenting and will be serving small batch brewed kombucha.  Kombucha was first recorded around 212 B.C. during the Chinese Tsin dynasty.  It was hailed as the "Tea of Immortality." 

Through trade it made its way to Japan, Europe and the rest of the world.  Kombucha is a tart, slightly sweet and refreshing beverage made from fermented organic green and black tea.  Today kombucha is loved by many for its healing, probiotic and energizing properties.  Southern Peak brews with heirloom cultures using organic tea.  We will be offering rotating, seasonal flavors utilizing local fruit and homegrown herbs.  Be sure to try it on your next visit. 

We also hold kombucha home brewing classes from time to time.  Be sure to check our events page for the next upcoming class and register to reserve your spot at the fermenting table.